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Loyalty, fairness and empathy



Legislative Decree n. 231, of 8 June 2001, concerning the “Discipline of the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, also without legal personality, pursuant to art. 11 of the law 29 September 2000, n. 300 ”, which entered into force on the following 4th of July, introduced criminal administrative liability also for legal persons. The rationale of the Decree is to introduce into our legal system a liability regime for legal persons for certain crimes committed in the interest or for the benefit of the same: responsibility that goes in addition to that of the natural person who physically committed the offense.

The Company’s liability is excluded if it has adopted and effectively implemented, before the commission of crimes, organization, management and control models suitable for preventing the crimes themselves and has set up a Body in charge of supervising the functioning and observance of the models.

IdeaM Inox has therefore decided to adopt the organization, management and control model (Model 231) for the prevention of crimes committed in the interest or advantage of the company. It has set up its own Supervisory Body with the task of supervising the operation, effectiveness and observance of the Model by all its recipients and drafting its own code of ethics.